Sl.noName of OfficerDesignationAppointed asMobile noRemarks
1Vanlalfaka RalteSP, KolasibSecurity Management7085931769He will be assisted by Addl. SP, SDPO(Hqrs), Supt., DC Office
2R LalnunkimiSDCObserver welfare9862234496She will be assisted by Stephen Laltlansanga Auhmun, APO DRDA
3Laltanpuia HnamteAddl.DCMCC & Complaint monitoring, 1950 (DCC)9436143299To be assisted by Raphael Hauzel DIO and Addl.SP
4Samuel ZodinsanagaSDCPostal Ballot, EDC & ETBPS9862409765He will be assisted by Neng Thianlala BDO, Bilkhawthir & Lalnunfela, DO, DC Office
5Samuel ZodinsangaSDCCounting & Counting Hall arrangement9862409765
He will be assisted by David Zodingliana Colney, AE
6LalhruaitluangiSDO(C) KawnpuiPolling Staff welfare9862614255To be assisted by Gaston Vanlalhriatpuia BDO, Thingdawl
7Laltanpuia HnamteAddl.DCFLC & Commissioning preparation of EVMs/VVPATs9436143299
He will be assisted by PC Zonuntluangi, DUDO
8Lalrinpuia VarteAddl.SPSecurity Staff welfare9612170980He will be assisted by DSP, Kolasib
9Raphael HauzelDIOCommunication9612325648He will be assisted by NIC Staff
10Lalnunzira RalteDuputy Commissioner of TaxesExpenditure Monitoring9436150951He will be assisted by Treasury Officer
11PC ZonuntluangiDUDORandomization of EVMs and Polling Staff8974214794She will be assisted by Raphael Hauzel, DIO
12Collyn HlychoDIPROMedia related matters including MCMC & dissemination of information, press handout etc(Media Management)7005751606He will be assisted by Senior Officers/Staff from DIPRO Office, Christopher Lawlor, Asst. Professor
13PC Zonuntluangi
Management of EVM & Strongroom8974214794
She will be assisted by TT Beikhaizi, SO
14V LaldinsangaSDO(S)Refreshment of Polling Party on Polling Day and Despatching Day9615932901He will be assisted by Laldingliana Superintendent, DC Office
15V Laldinsanga
Deployment and detailment of DC Staff for election purpose and preparation of roaster of duty and pulling of other Department Staff9615932901
He will be assisted by Laldingliana Superintendent, DC Office and Lalhruaitluangi , LDC
16Samuel ZodinsangaSDCTraining of Various Teams & Polling Staff9862409765
He will be assisted by Laldingliana, Supdt.
17Raphael HauzelDIOIT related including setup of communication equipment in District Office and Observer station, Counting Hall etc, and adoption of IT software for election Purpose9612325648
He will be assisted by DIO Staff & e-District Staff, Kolasib
18Vanlalchhuanawma ChawngthuEOVehicle Management9436760963He will be assisted by DTO, DIO, Traffic Officer i/c of Kolasib & Laldingliana Sailo
19PC ZonuntluangiDUDODispatching & receiving of EVMs/VVPATs8974214794
She will be assisted by all AERO & TT Beikhaizi, SO
20Vanlalchhuanawma Chawngthu
EOFacilitation of all Nodal Officers and enhancement of various teams9436760963
He will be assisted by R Lalnunkimi, SDC
21Samuel ZodinsangaSDCPreparation of DEMP9862409765
He will be assisted by Zoremmawia Hlondo, CA & Lalrinenga DEO
22TT BeikhaiziSOPOL & Issue of Coupon7005277712She will be assisted by Laldingliana, Supdt., DC Office
23Ngurthanzama SailoCommissioner of E&NExcise & Narcotics Nodal Officer
He will be assisted by Senior Officers /Staffs from Excise & Narcotics Office
24Neng ThianlalaBDO BilkhawthlirElection Materials Management & Forms9436158966He will be assisted by Laldingliana, Supdt., & Laldingsanga Sailo UD, DC Office